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FLower Convallaria majalisJuventus met defending champion Ajax in the final. In 1980 Castilla CF reached the final of the Copa del Rey, where the club had to compete against Real Madrid. № Name Club Assists Duels Avg. When Althea has to reveal her true name for a label, a reference from the captain, the captain learns her true identity and sends her away without a label. However, there is a reason why the merchantmen do this; the magic wood, as its name suggests, possesses magical properties. In the long quarrel that follows, he takes a hasty and thoughtless oath; if Althea gets a credential from at least one reputable captain, proving she is a skilled seawoman, he will give her back the ship. Wintrow resists fiercely and does everything possible to escape; this even gets so far that he is captured as a slave in Jamaillia, tattooed and bought back as a slave by his father. During a failed attempt by recruiters to take Athel and some others, she is seriously injured and is treated by Bresker. She gets that chance when she becomes a cabin boy aboard the Harvester, where the dismissed and disinherited Bresker Trell also appears to sail.

File:Carlo Osti - Atalanta BC.jpg - Wikipedia Since Ephron is the third generation of the Vivacia's sailors to die on board, the ship's magic wood has accumulated enough memories and comes to life. The story begins when the famous captain Ephron Vestrit, the third generation of the old Vestrit shipping family, is dying in his hometown of Beijerstad and his disintegrated family arrives. Captain Kennit has big plans; he wants to become king of the no man's land 'the Pirate Islands', with all its illegal settlements. Although he wants the best for the Vestrits, he misunderstands it. Their togetherness confuses Althea, who doesn't want anything fixed. Together with Kyle, whom she doesn't like in the least, Althea was on their way back to Beijerstad. She is completely alone in the distant Kaarsdorp, until she encounters a living ship from Beijerstad. He forces his eldest son Wintrow to board the Vivacia because a living ship needs someone of the family blood to keep from going insane. With great reluctance, Wintrow traveled to the home of his parents and grandparents in Beijerstad. Althea decides to try and keep him to this oath and runs away from home.

When his grandfather dies and he has to return to his parental home, he has become an outsider. Ephron's grandson Wintrow has been called away from his monastery by his family to pay his grandfather his last respects. Wintrow has trouble with Vivacia, because he builds a good relationship with her, but as a priest he cannot accept that something lives without a soul of its own, which was given to her by Sa. Kyle makes a decision that goes against Ronica and Keffria's principles; he uses the still fragile and newly revived Vivacia, who senses everything about the people on board, to trade slaves with. His priestly principles also clash with the seaman's life on board the ship. Althea, now calling herself Athel, gratefully uses Amber's wisdom and looks for a ship on which she can prove herself. Everyone was used to the complicated intrigues of the royal family in the Seven Duchy of Hobb, but even when the story temporarily moved further south, to Beijerstad on the Gedoemde Kust, part of Jamaillia's realm, those complicated plot lines did not end with to arise. During the passage of the Vivacia through a difficult route on a stormy night, the slaves rebel and manage to free themselves by taking advantage of Wintrow's care.

Top down aerial drone photo of Mann Island, Liverpool UKThey had given up their eldest son Wintrow early on to become a priest of Sa in a distant monastery. The Harvester sails to the north, where those on board slaughter sea lions and take their products to the south. Due to the slave trade from Jamaillia, the capital of the satrapy of the same name, with the barbaric Quartz and the cheap products that the slaves produce, the Oude Vaarders of Beijerstad got into trouble. From the satrap of the empire Jamaillia, who resides in the capital of the same name, which is considered the cradle of all art, culture and civilization, the founders of Beijerstad promised a trade monopoly with the other group on the wild rain river, in exchange for a profit percentage. When the whole Vestrit family is gathered in Beijerstad, Ephron is brought on board, where the famous captain dies. Ronica and Ephron had already lost three sons to blood plague, which, according to the stories, is a magical disease that had come via the Wild Rain River. He bears no resemblance to his father, but in his eyes is softer and more feminine than Althea had ever been. The river was wild, poisonous, then milky white, or suddenly overflowed its banks. Infertility was just part of it.

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