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However, people depicted in photos don't seem to show the same emotions or do things as the "real" people themselves. The clock does not show what time it is, but where or in what state the relatives are. Depicted individuals are often able to move freely between paintings, allowing them to go wherever they please within the Hogwarts grounds. On the upper floor of the Palazzo dei Conservatori is the Pinacothèque, a collection of paintings from the early Renaissance to the Baroque, including works by Caravaggio, Rubens and Velázquez, among others. Deportivo gave away the 1-0 lead in regular time just before the end. See Goblet of Fire for the main article on this topic. See FA Community Shield 2019 for the main article on this topic. In the last book, Harry receives a real Sneakoscope for his seventeenth birthday from Hermione. Harry receives a Sneakoscope for his thirteenth birthday from his best friend Ron Weasley. The building is located next to the former Oudezijds Huiszithuis and served as a city peat warehouse for the Oudezijds Huiszit masters, for the storage of grain, butter and peat that was distributed to the poor, such as the residents of the Huiszitweduwenhof. This is reflected several times in the stories, including the first part (in which Harry sees a moving image of Dumbledore on a chocolate frog card), the third part (in which there is a moving image of Sirius Black on the front page of the Daily Prophet) and in the fourth part (in which a moving photo of Harry and Hermione appears in the Daily Prophet).

In the last part of the series, Severus Snape asks the deceased Albus Dumbledore for help through his portrait in the headmaster's room. Albus Dumbledore calls the clock "beautiful" and seems impressed by it, at least suggesting that it is an "extremely powerful object". However, she can't check it with anyone because she doesn't know anyone who has a clock just like it. The use of Bangpoker cards is extra exciting because the house of cards can explode at any moment. Because we've seen this kind of stupid competition many times before. The game resembles pétanque and is played with spit stones, a kind of marbles that spit a foul-smelling liquid in the faces of the losing side. Gobstones (English: Gobstones) is a game played in the wizarding world. Hogwarts students play the game too, and there's even a Whispering Stones Club within the school. On the Hogwarts Express, the game Bangpoker is often played on the way to school. When they are on their way to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express, the Sneakoscope starts to whistle, and later in the story in the boys' dormitory it does it again. This Sneakoscope is used a lot by Harry, Ron and Hermione when they hunt together for Voldemort's Horcruxes later in the story.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione go looking for the Philosopher's Stone at the end of their first year of school, they come face to face with a living chessboard. Hermione therefore thinks magic chess is "barbaric". The portrait of Dumbledore therefore cries when Harry has defeated Voldemort. The portrait of Ariana Dumbledore hangs in her brother Aberforth's living room, hiding a secret passage that leads from the Hog's Head café to the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts. The portrait of the Fat Lady hangs in front of the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, and only opens when the person who wants to enter knows the correct password. Although normally the dead always left the city through the Porta Scelerata, an exception was made for the funeral procession of Emperor Augustus. Ron got his chess pieces from his grandfather, and although he complains that his chess pieces are a cast-off, he knows the pieces inside out and the pieces trust him blindly. The more familiar a player is with his pieces, the better the chess pieces obey. Abderrahmane Belmahjoub (Prince du Parc) the best Arab player of his generation and a Moroccan who played French international matches. The only indication whose location on the clock is known is that of "danger to life": it is located at the top, where a normal clock would show the number twelve.

The chess players tell the chess pieces where to go by saying the moves aloud (e.g. "knight to E5") and the chess pieces obey. These chess pieces commented on every move Harry suggested. Ron owns a deck of self-shuffle cards, as seen by Harry when he visits Ron's home prior to his sophomore year. When he arrives at the castle, he understands everything and transforms the king's sons into stone statues that have to blow their trumpets every fifteen minutes. Throughout the first five books, the hands of the nine Weasleys move continuously according to their whereabouts. In the books, the Weasley family is the only known family to have such a clock. The exact rules of the game are not described anywhere in the books, but it is known that the playing cards can explode at any time. Ron also uses these playing cards to make a house of cards in the fourth year. He made his debut on the fourth matchday against Sporting Gijón.

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