The Fox and The Mother of His Godchild

The 1988 European Championship was the most successful for the Dutch national team. Here you will find the most extensive football fan shop in the Benelux with a wide range of the most popular and latest football clothing from many European top clubs, Dutch clubs and major football countries. 1809-1812 The leaders of a revolt against the Spanish authorities raised an inverted Cross of Burgundy in Quito on August 10, 1809. In 1809 the first flag appears that can be regarded as an Ecuadorian flag. A first class of arsenals can provide the material and equipment of a large army. In 1978 Cesare Maldini became a trainer and Ancelotti got a role behind the strikers. In his early years he played in the seventh season of the television series La piovra, after which he also played a role in the two television films of the same name. Expo '92 is the colloquial name of a world's fair, which took place in 1992. The exhibition was held in two locations: Seville (Spain) and Genoa (Italy). Donadoni was appointed as the new national coach of Italy after winning the 2006 World Cup.

National coach Akira Nishono will lead the Samurai Blue team as. Later in 1822, Ecuador became part of Greater Colombia and the then Colombian tricolor was introduced. 1822-1830 Ecuador was incorporated into Greater Colombia, during which time the Colombian horizontal tricolor became permanent. In 1819 these colors became the colors of the Republic of Greater Colombia, founded by Simón Bolívar, to which Ecuador was also added. This law states that the service flag is different from the civil ensign, the commercial ensign and the naval ensign. This design has been the 'regular' flag of Ecuador since 1860; the civil ensign, commercial ensign and naval ensign differ slightly. 1860-1900 Gabriel García Moreno, when he came to power two days after the Battle of Guayaquil, restored the tricolor flag of Greater Colombia on September 26, 1860. In 1900, the flag became the final national standard and the coat of arms was added for official use by the state. The flag was first hoisted on October 9 and was in use by the insurgents of the Junta revolucionaria de Guayaquil. Insurgents in Quito used a red and white flag in their fight against Spain. However, as early as the end of the 18th century, red and white flags were already being used by people who wanted to tear Ecuador away from Spain.

The flags of Colombia and Ecuador are almost identical; the difference is that Ecuador has placed its coat of arms in the center of its flag and uses a different aspect ratio (1:2). This ratio is the only difference between the Ecuadorian civil flag and the flag of Colombia. The flag consists of four equal areas, with the upper left and lower right areas red and the other areas blue. 1820-1822 A flag with five horizontal stripes and three stars in the middle stripe. 1845-1860 The Convention of Cuenca, by decree of November 6, 1845, sanctioned a change to a deeper blue, and the increase in the number of stars to seven "as symbols of the seven provinces that make up the Republic". If they cause a nuisance, spectators are simply removed by security and often receive a long-term ban from attending matches. The Japan national football team represents Japan in (qualifying) matches for the World Cup and the Asian Cup. With this club he won the J.League Cup in 2009.

The 2015/16 League Cup Final was played at Wembley Stadium in London on 28 February 2016. See 2006 UEFA Champions League Final for the main article on this subject. Arsenal FC finished the 2011/2012 Premier League season third with 70 points. About 30 players who took part in the 2006 World Cup left for the English Premier League, the Spanish League and the German Bundesliga in particular. 1534-1820 The Cross of Burgundy flag of the Spanish colonial empire flew over Ecuador for many years. When Ecuador became independent again in 1830, the Great Colombian yellow-blue-red continued to be used. People began to see blue and white as the colors of Ecuador. The colors are taken from the municipal coat of arms. The fish and post horn were taken from the municipal coat of arms, tottenham jerseys as were the colours. The strips are derived from the municipal coat of arms, the anchors are a symbol for the presence of a naval port. Four bands of yellow and red in the ratio 4:2:1:1, with three red horns in the top of the trousers. Paul Rodríguez Verzosa in 1914, according to the first three letters of the Arabic script (ʾalif, bāʾ, tāʾ), presumably under the mistaken belief that Baybayin is derived from the Arabic alphabet.

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